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If You Need Annual Report 2018-19

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Mission statement

If You Need sells high quality bags made from real netball bibs. Like a true Wing Defence we are here if you need.


2018-19 was a year of growth for If You Need, with the number of netball bib bags dispatched increasing four-fold on the previous financial year.

These figures were significantly below the target of 625,721. This target was set to align with the number of Australians who play netball according to AusSport.

This shortfall means that at least 625,525 Australian netballers don’t own a netball bib bag, or at best, are sharing one with a friend. This estimate is conservative, as it is known that some netball bib bag owners aren’t netballers and just find them useful.


If You Need posted regularly on Facebook and Instagram to show netball bib bag in all their forms. We also Liked lots of photos of people playing netball.


If You Need believes in the equality of all netball positions. We are pleased to report that netball position diversity noticeably improved in 2018-19. However, Wing Defence and Wing Attack bags are still under-represented and this requires action. If You Need will continue to work to achieve our target of equal distribution through our awareness raising campaign Wings of Pride.

Chart of netball bib bag sales by position for 2017-18 and 2018-19



It is currently possible to securely fit the lids on the storage containers for fabric linings. It is not possible to shut the lid on the netball bib container. Recent progress has allowed managers to clip one side.

Plastic box with lid filled with fabric with one side only closed.










Visits to Gumtree to look for more netball bibs are now considered to have a reached safe levels and are classified as ‘under control’.


If You Need’s 2018 netballstrology predictions were checked against real-world performance and were found to be 100% accurate. There were a lot of ankle injuries.

Key Performance Indicators

KPI Target Actual 2018-19 Variance % 2017-18
Number of bags sold 625721 196 -99.97% 45
Proportion WD 14% 12% -14% 7%
Proportion GD 14% 15% 7% 9%
Proportion GK 14% 13% -7% 13%
Proportion GS 14% 16% 11% 22%
Proportion GA 14% 14% 0% 18%
Proportion WA 14% 13% -7% 11%
Proportion C 14% 15% 7% 13%
Can the lid close on the netball bib storage box? Yes No NA Yes
Can the lid close on the fabric lining storage box? Yes Yes NA Yes
Accuracy of 2018 netballstrology predictions 100% 100% 0% NA