Be the change you want to see in the systems

We need climate action and we need it fast. Often people get caught up in the false dichotomy between individual behaviour change and system change. It’s true that fossil-fuel companies promote individual change to obscure their active climate denial and delay. But individual change can be powerful, creating community connections and leading citizens to demand… Read Post »

The Spirit of Continuous Improvement

Apparently a lot of people make New Years Resolutions. I am scornful of this. Don’t they know this doesn’t work? I think. What’s so magical about 1 January? I scoff. They won’t last a week. I snicker. However, I think August is the perfect to time to report on key projects and assess progress against… Read Post »

Life Advice for Doing it ALL

(This duck looks calm on the surface but is actually on fire underneath the water.) I pretty much have it all. A house, children, sometimes a job and appropriate footwear. I’m very busy and important. So how DO I do it? I’ve squeezed yet another task into my hectic day and written a list of… Read Post »

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