Time management tips

For too long people have asked me ‘How do you do it all?’ I haven’t answered because I’ve been keen to keep my competitive edge. But I’m finally feeling secure enough to tell you some of my time management tips. Flexible but rigid routine Having a routine is very important. It cuts down on wasteful… Read Post »

Recipes kids can make themselves

When I was a kid I liked experimenting with food, primarily checking what things taste like frozen. Now I have my own kids I’m figuratively regurgitating some of my favorite childhood snacks for them as well as watching them discover their own recipes. Kids are a lot more capable than we give them credit for,… Read Post »

Put it on the list

A poem inspired by the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book This clock we’re putting on the list. Not that clock because I had that cake before. Yes the moon cake. Maybe the cat cake. Not the gingerbread cake. Yes let’s put Humpty Dumpty on the list. Piggy cake – put that on the list. Maybe… Read Post »

I Quit Soil!

  Brindy Quokka’s latest book I Quit Soil has made waves in the food community by advocating a diet free of soils, dirt and wax. I decided to try it myself under the guidance of Brindy herself. Brindy takes me to her favourite soil-free café. She orders for both of us and I’m happy to have… Read Post »

Making and mending and being twee

I’ve just started listening to Things to Make and Mend by Ruth Thomas read by Finty Williams. It’s a story about craft and friendship so I’m concerned that it might be twee. I have a highly developed (and perhaps somewhat arbitrary) twee-dar. I first started dismissing people/films/art movements with this word after interviewing a potential… Read Post »

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