Supporting friends with COVID

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In the olden days, having COVID was unusual and the community rallied around those afflicted with support packages and engagement on COVID diary posts.

These days, most Australians have had COVID, and many people more than once. Like a Krispy Kreme, you no longer have to go to the airport to get it, but it still makes you feel sick.

Having COVID still isn’t fun no matter how popular it is. So many of us would like to support our sick and isolating friends. Here are some ideas:

Care package

Nothing says ‘I care’ like constructive criticism. Isolation provides an opportunity to review and reflect so this is the perfect time to provide your friend with some very honest feedback. Prepare a letter, podcast episode, or film script detailing your sick friend’s weaknesses and how you think they can improve. This will help them get better physically and as a person.


People with COVID often lose their sense of smell, but not their sense of humor! Sprinkle some poo on biscuits, deliver, wait several days and then give your friend the hilarious news about what they’ve been eating! They will laugh and laugh and momentarily stop carrying on about how everything tastes like metal.

Contactless Contact

People with COVID get very tired because their bodies are working hard to fight infection. This can lead to a lot of daytime sleeping, or as I call it, failing the day. Don’t let your friend fall into this trap. Call at frequent but irregular intervals to ‘see if they need anything’. If they get tricksy and turn off their phone you may need to make a contactless visit. Small lollies such as Tic-Tacs thrown at windows make a loud noise, but rarely break the glass.


You cannot go a day without someone asking you for a 5-star review. From podcasters to surgeons, everyone is begging for full marks, and they usually get them. That kind of pandering might be why the pandemic happened in the first place. To stop the rot, jump onto your friend’s platform and give them a 1-star review. This will drag down their average and lift up their fighting spirit.

With friends like you, they will soon recover and be ready to provide the same caring attention when it’s your time of need.

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