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“This book is likely to evoke empathy in young readers. It will give them pause for thought about the price of ambition and the things that matter in life.”

- Reading Time

“Penny Tangey has a talent for writing light-hearted, humorous novels that tackle some big issues.”

- Good Reading

“A charming story of dealing with life's ups and downs, learning resilience, dreaming and achievement.”

- Schooldays Magazine

“I would certainly recommend this title: I enjoyed the story and the way in which themes including friendship, sibling rivalry, body image and competition were presented.”

- Buzzwords

“This book would be a perfect class novel to be read aloud and discussed with students from Year 5 upwards.”

- Read Plus

“This is a fabulous story about friendships both old and new, having a dream, being determined and being resilient.”

- Lamont Books

“There are plenty of emotional highs and lows to engage young readers leavened by a delicious sense of humour.”

- StoryLinks

“From the first page Vivian and her determination to never give up, sets the scene for a heartfelt story that will captivate.”

- Blue Wolf Reviews

“I feel like my younger self would have been in love with this book.⁣”

- Bookish Universe

“As Fast as I can has it all. An adorable yet headstrong main character, caring parents, typical love/hate sibling relationship and one hell of a dream. ”

- Book and the Beauty

“I enjoyed this book but I also found it really weird. I mainly found it strange because I’ve never read a book in which I so totally felt like I was seeing the world as my younger self did.”

- Confessions of a Readaholic

“Vivian is a firecracker. From page one we are bowled over by her enthusiasm and energy. Her eagerness pushes the pacing of this book forward.”

- Bookish Intoxication

“Diving into this book, I instantly found myself cheering for Viviam, despite all the setbacks that she hits within this book. ”

- Chemical Book Dragon

“Vivian is an incredibly endearing character. ”

- Gilly Reads

“An enjoyable middle grade book, it did a really great good is exploring the intersection between childhood goals, health barriers, family and friendship and growing up in Australia.”

- The Owl Reader

“This was a story of glory, passion and loss. And it high-key broke my heart.”

- Otaku and Proud

“This will definitely not be the last I read of Tangey who captured the heart of a ten year old so perfectly and made this book timeless. ”

- Thoughts by Tash

“It was perfect in every way, from page one I felt a connection to Vivian.”

- Intently Reading

“As Fast As I Can by Penny Tangey is honestly just such a beautiful, heart wrenching and completely at the same time, an uplifting and inspiring read! ”

- AusYABloggers

“It is entertaining and thought provoking, bringing up important issues such as mental health and how sudden life changes can affect anyone of any age. ”

- Flamingo Seratonin

“Penny never talks down to her middle grade audience. There are no easy answers to some of the issues raised, but importantly, there is always hope.”

- Aussie Kids Books

As fast as I can

One girl. One dream. A few hurdles.

Ten-year-old Vivian is determined to win a medal at the Olympic Games one day. Problem is, she hasn’t found a sport she’s any good at yet. But everyone says if you work hard enough you can achieve anything, right? So when Vivian discovers she has a talent for cross country running, finally, her Olympic dream might actually come true.

But then a family illness is uncovered and all of Vivian’s plans begin to unravel. Can she keep her dream alive? Or will she be stopped in her tracks?

A funny, heartfelt novel about resilience, acceptance and dreaming big.


Teacher’s notes prepared by University of Queensland Press

Information on inherited heart conditions

Australian Genetic Heart Disease Registry – ‘Genetic inheritance

Heart Research Australia – ‘Heart conditions


Positive Body Image resources

Butterfly Foundation – ‘Body image tips for young people

Positive Psychology – ‘3 positive body image activities & worksheets

How Far is Too Far – ‘Creating a body positive school


Winner Queensland Literary Awards (Griffith University Children’s Award)

Winner Readings Children’s Book Prize

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