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“The illustrations work in close harmony with the story, both Penny Tangey and Peter Baldwin are talented author and illustrator.”

- Schooldays Magazine

“A wonderful and funny book great for ages 3+.”

- Dani Solomon, Readings

“Granbad is a fun and thought-provoking tribute to grandfathers for Father’s Day and beyond.”

- Joy Lawn, Books + Publishing

“The family love shared by this group is great to see. It is interspersed with a love of the environment and the determination to protect vulnerable creatures. ”

- Blue Wolf Reviews

“A joyful ode to standing up for what you believe in.”

- Karys McEwan, CBCA Vic newsletter

“This is a humorous and feel-good story which will capture the attention of the younger reader.”

- Margarite Igras, Story Links

“The story is a great conversation starter about environment conservation … It’s an important message wrapped in humour and heart.”

- Shaye Wardrop, Kids' Book Review


Available 1 August 2023

A funny, feel-good picture book about a grandad doing the wrong things for the right reasons.

My grandad is a rebel. We call him Granbad.

Granbad doesn’t believe in rules like screen-time limits or healthy snacks. But he does believe in saving the planet. When a protest to protect native forests doesn’t work, he will need to go to new heights to make it right. Good thing he’s a rule breaker…

A funny, feel-good story about doing the wrong things for the right reasons.

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