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Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Penny Tangey and I write fiction for young people.

My latest book As fast as I can will be published by University of Queensland Press in 2020.

I’ve had three previous novels published by University of Queensland Press, Loving Richard Feynman, Clara in Washington, and Stay Well Soon.

You can look me up on Facebook.

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How to train for the Olympics during a lock-down

The Olympics and Paralympics have been postponed until at least 2021. This means we all have an extra year to make the team! Sorry if you were already on the team, but we’re coming for you. With that in...

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Two coffee cups, a jar of Nescafe gold and a silver kettle on a bench


About ten years ago on Christmas afternoon some some friends of my dad popped in for a visit. They sat at the kitchen table chatting while I made hot drinks. Then one of them opined that ‘all this climate...

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Netball candidates

During the 2016 US election I started listening to American politics podcasts. For some reason, even though these podcasters betrayed me by failing to predict the impending doom of their own nation, I have kept listening to them, hoping...

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