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Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Penny Tangey and I write fiction for young people.

My latest book As fast as I can will be published by University of Queensland Press in 2020.

I’ve had three previous novels published by University of Queensland Press, Loving Richard Feynman, Clara in Washington, and Stay Well Soon.

You can look me up on Facebook.

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Compliment requests

All social media posts can be viewed as a gambit for attention and validation, but some are more explicit than others. Sometimes, when people are feeling low they ask their social media friends or followers for some kind words...

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Jam and outrage in East Melbourne

The National Library of Australia hosts a very popular database of digitised Australian newspapers in Trove. Articles have been transcribed electronically, allowing users to search the text. I’ve spent many hours on Trove researching my house, family and local...

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A lot of people think they know me. I have more than a hundred Facebook friends, and I suspect at least a handful haven’t muted me. But do YOU really know me? Take this quiz to find out. (The...

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