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Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Penny Tangey and I write fiction for young people.

My latest book is As fast as I can published by University of Queensland Press.

I’ve had three previous novels published by University of Queensland Press, Loving Richard Feynman, Clara in Washington, and Stay Well Soon.

You can look me up on Facebook.

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Don’t be a banana, learn these life rules now

If you haven’t achieved certain milestones by a certain age you are certainly a failure. To make sure these rules are clear to everyone, I have written this blog post that max 35 people will read. By age 20...

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Hating Loving Richard Feynman

I was doing some filing this evening and found a negative manuscript assessment for my first book Loving Richard Feynman. It’s probably ten years since I read the report. It’s even more critical than I remembered, and still hard...

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12 Days of Miscarriage

I used to think miscarriages were always quick and dramatic. A rush of blood and severe pain, emergency treatment and then probably grief. I didn’t know that sometimes miscarriages take awhile and there can be a period of uncertainty....

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