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Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Penny Tangey and I write fiction for young people.

My latest book is As fast as I can published by University of Queensland Press.

I’ve had three previous novels published by University of Queensland Press, Loving Richard Feynman, Clara in Washington, and Stay Well Soon.

You can look me up on Facebook.

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Five times I had chips and it was nearly as good as that scene in Circle of Friends where they all get chips

Jess miller, CC BY 4.0, quotation added. There’s a bit in Circle of Friends (the book) when Benny unexpectedly goes to a cafe with her new and charming friends and they each get a plate of chips and one...

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Lockdown craft ideas

Are you spending more time than usual at home with your children? Do you have an uncluttered surface? Or a cluttered surface that could stand another layer? I have prepared some craft ideas for you. Playdough/ playsand/ playclouds/ playfilth...

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Olympic screen time

The Tokyo Olympics would be on now, but they’re not. I’m sad but I also know that during the Olympics I actually just watch television. That is something I can still do. In honour of this non-Olympic fortnight I’ve...

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