Loving Richard Feynman
Loving Richard Feynman
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“Richard Feynman is one of my heroes. This book enthralled me with its blending of Feynman anecdotes with a moving and funny story of a high school student who is a 'box of nerdish delight'.”

- Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

“As a female physicist, I want to urge Physics teachers everywhere to read this book and then lend it to their English teacher colleagues.”

- Australian Physics

“Loving Richard Feynman is a delight to read; its ironic humour helps air the concerns and anxieties of the self-absorbed teen years.”

- Magpies Magazine

“What is interesting is the author’s introduction of an innate character that becomes intrinsically linked to the delivery of the novel’s overall well constructed premise.”

- Bookseller and Publisher

“I read Loving Richard Feynman in one sitting (actually it was one lying, I was in bed) and by the end I was a very satisfied reader.”

- Readings Hawthorn Blog

“A 30ish guy managed to be kept up reading into the wee hours by a book written for teenaged girls. That's just awesome.”

- Book Squawk

“An unusual story laced with humour, observation and no small insight.”

- Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin

“A brilliant and quirky read.”

- Cairns Post

Loving Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was a Nobel prize winning physicist. Catherine is a science-loving 15-year-old. Richard helped build the atom bomb; Catherine’s just trying to survive school.

When your life is falling apart around you, will talking to a dead physicist help?

Catherine thinks so, but when her life unravels further she learns who she can really trust.


About Richard Feynman
Teachers’ notes prepared by University of Queensland Press.


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