Stay Well Soon
Stay Well Soon
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“Stevie could be the edgy younger sister of Catherine from the author’s YA novel Loving Richard Feynman.”

- Books Publishing 4 star review

“A gem of a book. ”

- Australian Book Review

“Stay Well Soon is SUCH a great book! One reason I like it so much is that everything isn't just sunshine and rainbows - like real life.”

- Ingrid (age 10)

“This is a book which will stay with you long after the final word is read.”

- Children's Books Daily

“Stay Well Soon is a touching story of a young girl learning more about life.”

- Vegan Ya Nerds

“A story of acceptance of death and dying, humour abounds in the relationships Stevie has with her peers. This is a wholly satisfying novel about cancer and its effects on one young girl.”

- ReadPlus

“A touching story of growth and coming-of-age for children aged 9 and above. I admit to shedding a few tears.”

- Buzz Words

“This is a moving tale of reality, sadness and loss, told with several sub-stories that keep the pages turning. Penny Tangey has convincingly captured the dilemmas and angst of childhood; its patterns and progress.”

- Pass it On

“Stevie’s voice felt very real and I warmed to her honesty.”

- Readings

“The novel is written as though it was for a primary school child, and although the plot touches on death and its ramifications, the subject is handled with sensitivity and reassurance.”

- Reading Time

Stay Well Soon

Stevie has a lot of dreams … more friends at school, better drawing pencils and a pony. If only she had her dream horse, her life would be better and the other horse-mad girls would talk to her.

When her brother is taken to hospital, Stevie’s dreams seem further away than ever. Suddenly her after-school world is filled with hospital visits and there’s even less money for anything, especially a pony.

With Stevie’s mum spending more time with her brother, Stevie has to learn to figure out the hard things in life by herself.


Teachers’ Notes prepared by University of Queensland Press


  • Shortlisted for the inaugural Readings Children’s Book Prize
  • Shortlisted for the Patricia Wrightson Award (Children’s Literature), NSW Premier’s Literary Awards
  • Shortlisted for the WA Premier’s Book Awards (Children’s Books)
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