Realistic Rural Romance

I sometimes listen to Rural Romance (RuRo) novels on audiobook and enjoy them tremendously. You might assume that I relate to these books because I grew up in the country, however, I experienced no romance at all while living rurally. Because of this, I have created a new genre called Realistic Rural Romance (ReRuRo). It… Read Post »

Ten mistakes to avoid when writing a listicle

Listicles are good for readers because they increase the white space on the page. Listicles are good for writers because you don’t have to think. Despite their ease of production, digestion and excretion, there are some common mistakes people make when writing a listicle. Read on to learn these two things: What the ten listicle… Read Post »

Ideas for netball novels

There are a number of middle-grade books about netball including the Netball Gems series and Sporty Kids: Netball! And yet, it seems that in other genres, netball has been missing from our literary works. To begin to rectify this, I’ve drawn up a list of netball fiction ideas. I’m happy for anyone to grab one of… Read Post »

P is for Phonetic: An English Spelling is Phucked Alfabet

I’m not one of the world’s great spellers. I blame English. Below I’ve expressed my frustration (with some swears apologies). If illustrated this could be a lovely baby board book or frieze for a child’s room. Aa A is for Art. Apparently. Not R, because that would be easy. Rseholes. Bb There are two Bs… Read Post »

Writer of the Week

When I was in Prep I was the first kid in my class to be proclaimed Writer of the Week for my story about the bush fires. I was given a badge and a strong boost to my ego. I didn’t see it as a temporary honour but as a permanent part of who I… Read Post »

Fan mail

When I was in Grade 6 we did a project where we researched a profession we were interested in. I wanted to be many things when I grew up, including a police rescue worker and a lawyer, but I decided to research being an author. I wrote to one of my favorite authors, Robin Klein,… Read Post »

Characters in real life

I’m not a very visual person so I don’t include much physical description of my characters in my books. To be honest, I’m not completely sure what they look like. But I know them when I see them. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a clear picture of the characters in my head that I’m… Read Post »

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