Realistic Rural Romance

I sometimes listen to Rural Romance (RuRo) novels on audiobook and enjoy them tremendously.

You might assume that I relate to these books because I grew up in the country, however, I experienced no romance at all while living rurally.

Because of this, I have created a new genre called Realistic Rural Romance (ReRuRo). It will not be popular, but that’s never stopped me before. Here are some ideas.

(The answer to all the rhetorical questions is ‘no’.)

Lavender Downs

Chloe has been roped into joining a baroque recorder ensemble. The group are preparing for a big performance at the Lavender Harvest Festival. Will the cocky young man who plays the piccolo finally notice her cummerbund?

A milky way

Billie returns from the big smoke to her country town to work in the local cheese factory. She finds herself confronted by the bigoted attitudes of her fellow workers. Can Billie change hearts and minds and find love among the rinds?

Letters by the fire

Janna met Miguel at a conference in the big city. They said goodbye and Janna returned to her quiet country town life. From two different cultures, separated by vast lands and oceans, Miguel and Janna write to each other every day, sharing their vastly different lives through words. Will fate bring them together again?

River camp

Every year Emily O’Guire’s family camp by the Banganon River with their close family friends. This year the McSheas are bringing their cousin Harry to camp for the first time. Will Harry McShea be handsome and intriguing enough to stir the river love-Gods?

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