Be the change you want to see in the systems

We need climate action and we need it fast. Often people get caught up in the false dichotomy between individual behaviour change and system change. It’s true that fossil-fuel companies promote individual change to obscure their active climate denial and delay. But individual change can be powerful, creating community connections and leading citizens to demand… Read Post »

Habits of highly sophisticated people

I first learned the word ‘sophisticated’ reading a Baby-Sitters Club book. Stacey, the club treasurer, is from New York and is often described as sophisticated with her fashionable clothes and ability to talk to boys. I’d never heard the word sophisticated out loud, and in my head I pronounced it ‘sop-hiss-ticated’. It was a good… Read Post »

I Quit Soil!

  Brindy Quokka’s latest book I Quit Soil has made waves in the food community by advocating a diet free of soils, dirt and wax. I decided to try it myself under the guidance of Brindy herself. Brindy takes me to her favourite soil-free café. She orders for both of us and I’m happy to have… Read Post »

Going out for tea

Last week I wrote about my love of cafes. I hope that in doing so I did not accidentally imply that I only rate going out for day time meals. This is not so. I also love going out for tea. (I grew up saying ‘tea’ and ‘pudding’ and now say ‘dinner’ and ‘dessert’ but… Read Post »


I love going to cafes. I sometimes think that the amount of joy cafes have brought to my life is disproportionate. And by that I mean that I am not exaggerating when I say ‘joy’ and I think I should be. My life’s happiness should not have been materially touched by the existence of a… Read Post »

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