Funniest things EVA!

Last night I was horrified to read that Carly Findlay was out for a fun night and someone laughed at her face. What’s worse, this person wasn’t immediately disowned by all their friends and family. I’ve seen funny before, and that’s not part of it. This incident made me really mad so I thought I’d reflect… Read Post »

The Spirit of Continuous Improvement

Apparently a lot of people make New Years Resolutions. I am scornful of this. Don’t they know this doesn’t work? I think. What’s so magical about 1 January? I scoff. They won’t last a week. I snicker. However, I think August is the perfect to time to report on key projects and assess progress against… Read Post »

The Achievable Book Club

I’ve never been in a book club but I understand that one of the problems is that no-one has ever read the book except for Melanie the English Literature teacher who has produced 17 pages of notes. We all live busy lives and reading a whole novel is not always possible when the cat gets… Read Post »

Fan mail

When I was in Grade 6 we did a project where we researched a profession we were interested in. I wanted to be many things when I grew up, including a police rescue worker and a lawyer, but I decided to research being an author. I wrote to one of my favorite authors, Robin Klein,… Read Post »

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