Habits of highly sophisticated people

I first learned the word ‘sophisticated’ reading a Baby-Sitters Club book. Stacey, the club treasurer, is from New York and is often described as sophisticated with her fashionable clothes and ability to talk to boys. I’d never heard the word sophisticated out loud, and in my head I pronounced it ‘sop-hiss-ticated’. It was a good… Read Post »

If the Baby-Sitters Club played netball

How did I only just think of this? Let’s not waste anymore time. Kristy Obviously, Kristy plays Centre. During a close semi-final Kristy deliberately steps into the opposition goal circle to draw a free pass and prevent a shot at goal. Her plan works but her guilt at her own un-sportspersonlike behaviour takes a whole… Read Post »

Baby-Sitters Club as Parents SUPER SPECIALS

The Baby-Sitters Club were really at their best when they were on holidays, particularly when it was a Super Special. The books were fatter, the covers were white, and everybody got a say. Their experiences were very different from my summer holidays as a kid. It was like glimpsing a different and slightly anxiety provoking… Read Post »

The Baby-Parents Club (Part 2)

This is a follow up to my post last week about what the Baby-Sitters Club members would be like as parents. I’ve written this follow up partly because I couldn’t stop. Actually, that’s the full reason (thinking while typing). In the second set of ten Baby-Sitters Club books we are introduced to two new baby-sitters,… Read Post »

The Baby-Sitters Club as Parents

The other day I was thinking that Claudia Kishi probably has Type 2 diabetes by now due to all the Twinkies and Hershey bars that she secreted from her room and then consumed. This is nice because it will really help her relate to her best friend Stacey. That got me thinking that the Baby-Sitters… Read Post »

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