Funniest things EVA!

Last night I was horrified to read that Carly Findlay was out for a fun night and someone laughed at her face. What’s worse, this person wasn’t immediately disowned by all their friends and family. I’ve seen funny before, and that’s not part of it. This incident made me really mad so I thought I’d reflect… Read Post »

Funny boys?

All the funny people at my school were girls. I regularly laughed so hard at netball training that I thought I would collapse. Eating lunch was perilous as there was a high probability that someone would say something hilarious and I would spit out my sandwich. Two of my best friends once put me in… Read Post »


I’ve been thinking about sexism in comedy this week after following the latest Twitter outrage involving Lawrence Mooney and reading a thoughtful piece on the scandal by Lefa Norton. When I was at uni I did a lot of stand-up comedy. Now I don’t. I worry that if I talk about my experiences of sexism in… Read Post »

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