54 762631

Today I found out that my dad got rid of the land-line at his house. It’s the house I grew up in, and the phone number I grew up with too. 54 762631 I have a lot of feelings and stories. When we first got the number, it was shorter – six digits was all that… Read Post »

Things my maths teacher told me

(The image shows a painting of Florence Nightingale holding a lamp.) When I was in year 12 I wrote a ‘quote of the day’ in my school diary. Sometimes the quotes were from famous people like Oscar Wilde (he was terribly witty and sometimes it feels good to copy that stuff down with a pen). Sometimes the quote… Read Post »

I’m from the country and I reckon you can still tell

I grew up in Central Victoria. I’ve now lived in Melbourne for almost as long as I lived in the country but the feeling of being a bit rural has never left me. Below are some things that country kids do when they hit the big smoke. (I’m going to act like I speak for… Read Post »


I read an article about bullying today that I really liked. “The world isn’t neatly divided into bullies and the bullied; all victims conceal sins, and all villains carry sorrows and scars.” I try to write about characters who sometimes do genuinely crap things because I have done crap things that I regret. I was… Read Post »

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