How podcast transcripts will make me popular

When I started a podcast, In Those Days, I decided to include transcripts. It can be a pain but here is why I think it’s worthwhile. Accessibility Podcast transcripts make the content accessible to more people. People with hearing impairments use transcripts to access audio content. This is a lot of people. More than 5%… Read Post »

Digital detox

A lot of people are practising digital detoxing. This usually consists of logging off social media or eschewing all screens for a specified time period (definitely less than a year). There are many proven benefits to a digital detox including increased concentration, lowered stress hormones and a keener sense of smell. However, for some people,… Read Post »

A Personal Glossary of Netball

When I was in primary school I was desperate to start my netball career. I was certain that “career” was the right word as I planned to play netball for Australia and therefore become rich and famous. Behold my nesting dolls of delusion. Joining my first team, Newstead Junior 2, was the start of a very… Read Post »

The Spirit of Continuous Improvement

Apparently a lot of people make New Years Resolutions. I am scornful of this. Don’t they know this doesn’t work? I think. What’s so magical about 1 January? I scoff. They won’t last a week. I snicker. However, I think August is the perfect to time to report on key projects and assess progress against… Read Post »


I’ve been to a fair few Trivia Nights and attending one is always an emotional roller-coaster. I’m finally ready to talk about it. There are six emotional stages of Trivia Night that I always go through. Hope I start the night feeling hopeful. I envisage, that much like in Slumdog Millionaire all the answers will… Read Post »

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