5 fashion mistakes to avoid for the rest of your life

ONE: Shorts without pockets Ambling in your local park, listening to all things you can’t hear, you spot a treasure on the ground. You bend to pick up the glittering prize and hold it up to the light. Yes indeed, a fine treasure. You try to slip the special object into your shorts pocket. Uh… Read Post »

Melbourne to Adelaide – the journey and the desperation

Waffles and Jaffles, Coonalpyn January 2016 Every year my family drive from Melbourne to the Fleurieu Peninsula near Adelaide. Over the past 10 years we’ve made this trip with children growing in size and number and we’ve found ways to make the trip fun(ish) for every(some?)one. I considered writing a guide reviewing every stopping point… Read Post »

Boredom busters for a better lockdown: inspired by the zoo

Melbourne is back in lockdown and a lot of people are pretty over it. Enthusiasm for yeast baking, zoom drinks and paint-by-numbers is at an all time low. I’ve come up with a few original suggestions on how to maintain the intellectual stimulation and connection that many humans crave, even while in lockdown. I got… Read Post »

Don’t be a banana, learn these life rules now

If you haven’t achieved certain milestones by a certain age you are certainly a failure. To make sure these rules are clear to everyone, I have written this blog post that max 35 people will read. By age 20 You should own a pair of toads. Maybe when you were a teenager you borrowed your… Read Post »

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