House with sign on balcony that reads "No New Coal. No New Gas". A beam of sunlight crosses the left hand corner.

I’ve ended the week dispirited by the awful climate news and the loneliness of my personal attempts at activism.

So I decided it’s good day to update our household climate action plan. This plan lists stuff we’re trying to do and includes household, work, communication, activism and community activities (obviously these can overlap!) I know it seems like a rigid thing to do, but it helps me keep calm and on task.

It can also cheer me up. When I went through the plan today I realised that in the past six months there have been good things that are worth some celebration.

Gas gone

Our house got off gas. It’s been a long-term project due to the money and organisation required, but the gas water heater was finally replaced and it’s done!

Forests saved

The Victorian Government announced native forest logging will end in 2023 along with a transition package for workers. There are some caveats and worrying details, but this was overall amazing news. My household have been involved on the periphery of forest activism and seen the hard work and dedication of those involved. I am really hopeful this will be a start to recovery for Victoria’s forests and communities.

Book done

My first picture book, Granbad, was finished (out 1 August). It’s about a grandfather who breaks all the rules (and even the law) to help his grandkids. I was really grateful that my publisher UQP supported me to write this and to Peter Baldwin who did amazing illustrations. The book reflects the cheeky, funny and brave environmental activists I’ve met (as well as my own Dad who is less politically radical but still breaks a lot of rules for his grandkids).

Naughty Old Nana Blows up a Pipeline will be out for Mother’s Day…this is a JOKE.

Bike ridden

I’ve got confident riding the cargo bike. It has a seat for two kids at the back and very helpful electric motor. This has greatly reduced the need for short car trips around town. Also, it is so much fun!

List listed

My list of fossil fuel sponsorships in Australia, which I’ve been compiling for over a year was used by 350 Australia as part of their Fossil Free Sponsorships campaign. I’d really encourage you to look at the website and check if organisations you’re involved in have fossil fuel funders. If so, you can start a conversation with them about why this needs to change. The Climate Council recently released a great report on this.

It never feels like enough, but it is also definitely something.

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