Which original Baby-Sitters Club member are you?


Today I was talking to a friend about which Baby-Sitters Club members we are most like. Why yes, I am very busy and important. With a sinking feeling I realised the answer for me is clearly Mallory. My friend was kind enough to throw Mary Anne into the mix, but it’s grim.

I believe we can change though, so I’ve written this quiz to help answer the question: Which ORIGINAL member of the Baby-Sitters Club are you?

I know I’m not Robinson Crusoe here, but guys, I’m Mallory, you can’t expect much except whinging.

1. What shape are your eyes?

a) Don’t know – I never look in the mirror.

b) Eye shaped.

c) Cow-eye shaped.

d) Almond shaped.

2. What are you wearing?

a) A turtleneck. Very cruel to turtles but so comfortable!

b) Purple high-tops and a silver tent.

c) A cable knit jumper, plaid skirt and Mary Janes. Very cruel to Mary Janes, but so comfortable!

d) All of the above.

3. When was the last time you played sport?

a) Now.

b) When I threw a ball of yarn to my kitten.

c) Does eating candy bars count?

d) I do squats to keep my hair bouncy.

4. Do you have a best friend?

a) Yes.

b) Yes.

c) Yes.

d) I have two and it’s creating conflict. I bet they both answer yes to this question. God. They don’t own me.

5. Are you boy crazy?

a) Do I think liking boys is crazy? Yes.

b) Yes.

c) I have a steady boyfriend, which is weird because all my friends think I’m frigid. They say “shy” but I know what they mean.

d) No. I am boy mental health episode though.

6. Have you ever saved the day?

a) Dude, I wrote the day.

b) Yes and that’s why my dad decided to let me wear my hair down and I got nits.

c) I’ve handed out a lot of candy, that usually saves the day except for putting my friend in a diabetic coma. Shut up, I am not stupid I have a really high IQ.

d) I’m in a coma.

7. What’s the truth about you?

a) Pretty boring in the end actually.

b) My parents don’t love me as much as my sister. Eating helps. Who cares, don’t judge me, I don’t get zits or put on weight, type II diabetes might be a bummer at some point, but that will just help me relate to my best friend.

c) Sometimes I imagine Mary Anne wearing nothing but a visor and whispering, ‘I’ve looked in the diary and I’m free for that sitting job.’

d) Sometimes I want to be an Associate Member.


There is no scoring system. The truth about you is that you already know the answer. I am Mallory, you are probably Kristy or Mary Anne. You’re not Claudia. You’ll never be Claudia. I’m off to throw myself on the bed and cry about it.

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