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When I was in Grade 6 we did a project where we researched a profession we were interested in. I wanted to be many things when I grew up, including a police rescue worker and a lawyer, but I decided to research being an author. I wrote to one of my favorite authors, Robin Klein, for some tips.

I loved Robin Klein first for her Penny Pollard series. Because I shared the same name as Penny I thought that I was Penny Pollard and therefore I loved horses. I then read some of Klein’s other books like People Might Hear You and Came Back to Show you I Could Fly, which were absolutely thrilling, and fortunately didn’t make me think I loved drugs or cults.

I was very excited when Robin Klein replied to my letter, answering my inane questions on the same piece of paper, which means I still have my original letter.

Robin Klein letter


1. I spelt my own name wrong.

2. I didn’t explain what the ‘program’ at school was. Could have been Twelve Steps for all she knew.

3. Good to see I asked the classic question. Robin Klein said that ideas are all over the place you just have to watch and listen.

4. Still true.

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