Put it on the list

Cover of the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book - 1980 edition. Red train with blue carriage pictured.

A poem inspired by the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book

This clock we’re putting on the list.

Not that clock because I had that cake before.

Yes the moon cake.

Maybe the cat cake.

Not the gingerbread cake.

Yes let’s put Humpty Dumpty on the list.

Piggy cake – put that on the list.

Maybe not the turtle cake. No way. I don’t want a turtle cake. Too much icing. Those turtle cakes are way too much icing.

That one is way too much yellow for me. Too bright.

Let’s put the giraffe cake on the list.

Maybe not the lion cake, or the tiger cake.

Ooh! A teddy bear cake, let’s put the teddy bear cake on the list.

I think a butterfly one. Let’s put the butterfly one on the list.

Maybe not the elephant one. Not the head elephant one or the full elephant one.

Maybe a bunny rabbit on the list too.

A one-year-old cake. I don’t want a one-year-old cake.

Two-year-old cake. Three-year-old cake. Four-year-old cake.

Five-year-old cake. Let’s put the five year-old cake on the list.

Six-year-old cake. Seven-year-old cake. There’s actually an eight-year-old cake.

That is a TODAY making cake.

A boat cake. Maybe not a boat cake on the list.

Maybe let’s just put the princess cake on the list. It doesn’t look very nice, but we’ll put it on the list. That’s mainly a dolly decorated.

Too scary.

Maybe too little for me.

Happy face – not that one.

Not a ghost one.

Not a rocket one.

Not a pirate one.

Not a car one.

Not that one. That’s a circus. I don’t want a circus, or a helicopter.

I had that cake for my three-year-old birthday! The castle cake I had.

That’s a sewing machine cake.

That’s a candy cake.

I like this one. And I especially like that one. Let’s put these two on the list.

A basket cake. No thanks.

Lets put that cake on the list because it has love hearts.

But not that cake on the list. No, no, no.

Nope that’s a soldier cake.

Would you like a piano cake? I do not want a piano cake.

I don’t much like chalking.

Maybe let’s put this one on the list.

Not a rocking horse cake.

Not a house cake.

That’s a little cake. That’s a one-year-old cake. They can only fit one candle on it.

My brother had that one for his seven-year-old birthday.

Let’s put this one on the list.

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