Which netball position will you play in the afterlife?

It is my personal belief that after death those who have led a virtuous life and fairly shared the oranges will go to paradise and play the netball position they truly deserve. This quiz will help you know what bib to grab in nirvana.

Something is on fire. What do you do?

a. Run into the fire screaming instructions.

b. Put out the fire by jumping in front of it.

c. Point at the sky to make it rain.

d. Stand and watch. You started the fire, someone else can put it out.

e. Plot your own revenge fire.

e. Stand nearby and offer assistance.

f. Stand nearby and get in the way.


How do you like to run?

a. Hither and thither all the live long day.

b. Up until a certain point and then back again.

c. No.

d. In a small box.

e. As far as you can while still able to get home quick.

e. No more than two thirds the total distance.

f. Very fast on the sound of a whistle.


Something very bad has happened. Who is to blame?

a. The rest of the team.

b.  Fate, but you’ll get it back.

c. The attackers.

d. The defenders.

e.  The umpire.

f. You and only you.

g. The coach for not letting you play centre.


What gets hurts the most?

a. Your Achilles tendon. It was Achilles Achilles and it’s also yours.

b. People who stand in your way.

c. Anyone near you during a rebound.

d. Your ankle.

e. Anyone who suggests you have a quarter off.

f. Your voice from calling for the ball.

g. Your feelings.


Who (alive, dead or fictional) would you most like to have dinner with after a game?

a. Your team so they can download your thoughts while they’re fresh.

b. Sun Tzu

c. Liz Ellis

d. Your mum so she can tell you how great you played.

e. The umpire so you can explain how to blow the whistle and call contact.

f. The Bloomsbury set.

g. Your coach to talk about when you’ll get a run in Centre.


Mostly As. 

You are a centre. In heaven you will probably get a lot of high fives from the almighty.

Mostly Bs.

Your spirit position is Goal Defence. In life, you have constantly saved the day with little recognition. This will not change after death.

Mostly Cs.

You are a Goal Keeper. You will rest in peace, just as you did when the ball was in the attacking end of the court.

Mostly Ds.

You are a Goal Shooter. The glory and the honour is yours forever and ever.

Mostly Es

You are a Goal Attack. You worked hard your entire life and were justly rewarded but it turns out there will be even more rewards for you in the sky.

Mostly Fs

You are a Wing Defence. Although some would be scrambling for reincarnation you are happy with your position. Enjoy your place at the right hand of the Centre.

Mostly Gs.

You are a Wing Attack. You may be surprised to find yourself here, but no-one else is. Look forward to an eternity of getting out for the centre pass.

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