Netball candidates

During the 2016 US election I started listening to American politics podcasts. For some reason, even though these podcasters betrayed me by failing to predict the impending doom of their own nation, I have kept listening to them, hoping they might improve.

As a result I am taking an interest in the Democratic primaries. Whoever wins this race will become the Democratic candidate who will defeat Donald Trump in the general election later this year (don’t yell at me if this doesn’t happen I will be crying too hard to hear).

I’m certainly not an expert on the candidates, and I thought I had nothing to add it terms of analysis… Until! I realised that no-one has assigned netball positions to the candidates and that’s something I can do.

The set of people who read my blog AND are netball lovers AND follow US politics is about nine. Hello to you all.

Elizabeth Warren – Centre

Always the first with the ball, passes left these days.

Bernie Sanders – Goal Shooter

Very consistent player with lots of self-confidence…but best if he doesn’t run around too much.

Tulsi Gabbard – Goal Attack

Likes to be busy and can shoot things.

Peter Buttigieg – Wing Defence

Believes that if he works hard enough the coach will let him have a quarter as Centre.

Amy Klobuchar – Wing Attack

Always out for the centre pass. Cuts her nails with a comb.

Jo Biden – Goal Defence

Spirited defender of the team’s goals, but may not be able to tell you the score. Called for contact on a regular basis.

Tom Steyer – Goal Keeper

Always there with his arms up hoping for rebounds.

BloombergDog that keeps running across the court

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