Terrifying music

I am one of those people who change the subject when asked what kind of music I like. I don’t know. Or I kind of know but I think it’s the wrong answer and you’ll think less of me if you find out.

On the other hand, I do know what kind of music terrifies me. Particularly which television theme songs give me nightmares.

1. The Four Corners music
I like the show, it’s very interesting, and they do some ground-breaking journalism including the time that man used a phrase and half the nation learned something. But the Four Corners theme song makes me feel like tonight’s story will be about how the world is going to end in the next thirty minutes, which would be silly because the show runs for 42 minutes.

2. The end credits of The Bill
In my childhood the end credits of The Bill showed a female and male police officer’s legs and feet walking along cobble stones away from the camera. At first the steady rhythm of their feet and the music is reassuring but as they go further and further away my anxiety rises and eventually as they plod out of shot I realise that we all die alone.

3. The Doctor Who theme song
I have never watched this show specifically because of the theme song. I know it was a ground breaking piece of electronic music but it is very spooky and I don’t like it. When I was a child and I heard the music I would go into another room and wish that the Goodies was on.

Having said that, I would still rather listen to these theme songs than talk to you about what music I like.

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