QUIZ: Which Anne of are you?

1. How do you serve red currant wine?

a) Undiluted and in huge quantities to school friends.

b) In moderation and not to minors.

c) I have all the wine now please.

2. How do you feel about puffed sleeves?

a) I bloody love puffed sleeves.

b) I can’t believe how many puffed sleeves have blessed my life – it’s almost getting old but it never will.

c) I used to look hot in puffed sleeves.

3. How do you feel about Gilbert Blythe?

a) Next time he ties my plaits to the desk I’m going to nail his dick to the wall.

b) I liked him better before he started proposing to me all the darn time.

c) I’m delighted that my career and ambitions have been subsumed by my role as wife and mother to his children, making the fact that I beat him in exams years ago thrillingly pointless.

4. How many times do you make the same mistake?

a) Once

b) Once

c) Once

5 Is it a good idea to pretend to be dead in a boat?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Is that a serious offer? Can I really please be dead in a boat?


Mostly a)Montgomery_Anne_of_Green_Gables

You are Anne of Green Gables: You have hair like a bag of carrots and a temper like a bag of especially feisty baby corns (trust me on this – anyone mentions religion or negative gearing and baby corns go sweary ranty). Your dreams are as big as your sleeves in your dreams; Let’s hope they all come true!

AnneOfTheIslandMostly b)

You are Anne of the Island: Your hair is auburn now apparently. You were probably proposed to a couple of times this week alone. You’re super smart and ready to take on the world!

AnneOfInglesideMostly c)

You are Anne of Ingleside: You’ve got kids. That’s all I know really, no-one reads this far in the series. That’s probably because you have kids now and it’s depressing.

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