I got a packet of 36 Watercolour Derwents for Christmas when I as 10. I was convinced these would turn me into a great artist. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out.

I really loved those pencils, but I almost couldn’t enjoy drawing with them because I was so worried about using them up.

I used them only for very special drawings and school projects. They stayed in perfect colour-number order, in the tin until I left home.

Then I decided I was being silly trying to keep them pristine. I seized the day and put them in a pencil case, determined to use them more often. (I’m not quite sure what I needed them for – there’s not much bubble-writing on university assignments for Science/Law.)

But anyway, I lost them all, one by one as I moved from share house to share house.

When it came to doing the illustrations for Stay Well Soon I didn’t have my 20 year old Derwents.  I had to buy new pencils. I bought a different brand to save money. It will be my own fault if the book fails.

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