My hobbies

Floral colouring in with words Wees, Poos, Bum

I’m very busy and important, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make time for hobbies. Here are some of my faves.

1. Sticky taping the flaps back onto lift the flap books

I often delay delving into this hobby, but once I start it’s very satisfying. There are usually a number of flaps scattered around my house. I have to guard these against people who want to put them in the bin even though they are obviously part of an ongoing book restoration project. Once or twice a year I gather up all the flaps and stick them back in their original books. It’s very satisfying and Where’s Spot? makes a lot more sense.

2. Looking in the couch

I take off all the couch cushions and partially unfold the sofa bed. This allows me to more evenly scatter crumbs across the room and find lost items such as pencils, puzzle pieces and bits of Lego. If I find a flap I will put it on a surface to be dealt with when I dip back into hobby No 1.

3. Visiting The Age website and hating myself

I often wonder what’s going on in the world and visit The Age website. Once I’m there I read about parenting trends and celebrities. This happens several times a day.

4. Allowing the furniture to be repainted

I enthusiastically start craft projects with my children, but unfortunately we rarely share a vision. I often think of this French and Saunders sketch when I find myself trying to micro-manage the creative expression of preschoolers. I generally end up ignoring the children while I concentrate on my own project. This leads to a bit of mess and ingestion of craft materials. But paint either washes off or eventually rubs off with the dead skin. It is also quickly excreted or leached out when taken internally, I tell myself.

In conclusion, even if you are absolutely flat-chat there are ways to incorporate your hobbies and me-time into your routine. You just need to be creative, flexible and have very low standards.

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