Lockdown craft ideas

Playdough, foodcolouring and tub of chalk.
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Are you spending more time than usual at home with your children? Do you have an uncluttered surface? Or a cluttered surface that could stand another layer?

I have prepared some craft ideas for you.

Playdough/ playsand/ playclouds/ playfilth

Playdough can easily be made with flour, water, salt, cream of tartar and oil. It is delicious. These days there are a range of playdough variants that allow children to explore fun textures and permanently change the colour of the carpet.

Food faces

One of the saddest things about being vegetarian is that you hardly ever get to eat a face. Cutting up vegetables to make them look human-like before eating uses time and creates mental toughness.


Chalk can be used to write words and draw rainbows on public footpaths. Practise using your imagination by trying to believe others will be inspired by your efforts. You can also grate sticks of chalk then “glue” the resulting dust to craft projects to create a permanent chalk waft whenever someone passes that corner of the room.


This is more science than craft. 1. Get a substance. 2. Put food-dye on it. 3. Watch.

This is science.

Box play

The best thing about lockdown is the deliveries. Partly because it means more tracksuit pants, and partly because the boxes are so much fun! Boxes can become anything! Cars, boats, mouldy when wet, and finally squashed into the bin in the dead of night. Like all the other craft projects.

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