Yes! And!

I’ve never been in an impro troupe but apparently one of the first rules is that you never block a suggestion, you say ‘Yes, and.’ This means that you add to ideas rather than tearing them down. Usually, this doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m starting to think it might have useful applications in every… Read Post »

Sorry, you’ve been making your instant coffee all wrong

(Image shows a jar of Nescafe, kettle and two mugs) You might think that a hot beverage with a maximum of four ingredients (coffee, water, milk, sugar) that only requires three implements to make (kettle, spoon, cup) would be hard to get wrong. But guess what? There are lots of ways to fail at making… Read Post »

Valentines Day at the Moonlight Cinemas: AKA A Mistake

(The image shows a badly drawn love heart with ‘I heart PT’ written inside’) I once thought that it would be Fun to see Casablanca at the Moonlight Cinemas in the Botanical Gardens on Valentines Day, with a group of couples. When I was single. The evening was actually less fun than it sounds… To… Read Post »

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