Life Advice for Doing it ALL

(This duck looks calm on the surface but is actually on fire underneath the water.) I pretty much have it all. A house, children, sometimes a job and appropriate footwear. I’m very busy and important. So how DO I do it? I’ve squeezed yet another task into my hectic day and written a list of… Read Post »

The Baby-Parents Club (Part 2)

This is a follow up to my post last week about what the Baby-Sitters Club members would be like as parents. I’ve written this follow up partly because I couldn’t stop. Actually, that’s the full reason (thinking while typing). In the second set of ten Baby-Sitters Club books we are introduced to two new baby-sitters,… Read Post »

The Baby-Sitters Club as Parents

The other day I was thinking that Claudia Kishi probably has Type 2 diabetes by now due to all the Twinkies and Hershey bars that she secreted from her room and then consumed. This is nice because it will really help her relate to her best friend Stacey. That got me thinking that the Baby-Sitters… Read Post »

How Modern Parenting Authors Are Getting it All Wrong

If you’ve been into a modern book store recently, you will have noticed shelf upon shelf of parenting advice books. If you’ve browsed through them you may have realised that they contain wildly contradictory advice, bizarrely specific routines and provide little or no hard evidence for the opinions they present as facts. You have also… Read Post »

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