How to train for the Olympics during a lock-down

The Olympics and Paralympics have been postponed until at least 2021. This means we all have an extra year to make the team! Sorry if you were already on the team, but we’re coming for you. With that in mind, I’ve written a simple three-step plan. ONE: DISCOVER YOUR TALENT In Australia, we’re still allowed… Read Post »


About ten years ago on Christmas afternoon some some friends of my dad popped in for a visit. They sat at the kitchen table chatting while I made hot drinks. Then one of them opined that ‘all this climate change stuff is crap’. I said it wasn’t and we had a low-quality ‘debate’ about it.… Read Post »

Netball candidates

During the 2016 US election I started listening to American politics podcasts. For some reason, even though these podcasters betrayed me by failing to predict the impending doom of their own nation, I have kept listening to them, hoping they might improve. As a result I am taking an interest in the Democratic primaries. Whoever… Read Post »

Netballstrology 2020

Netballstrology Are you wondering what will happen to you this year? How exciting. Read below to find out through the power of netballstrology. (If you’re not sure what your netball position is, you’re a Wing Defence.) Do you sometimes feel like you work twice as hard as your colleagues for the same share of glory?… Read Post »

Yes! And!

I’ve never been in an impro troupe but apparently one of the first rules is that you never block a suggestion, you say ‘Yes, and.’ This means that you add to ideas rather than tearing them down. Usually, this doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m starting to think it might have useful applications in every… Read Post »

Agony self

When I read back my old diaries, I’m struck by how obvious the answers to my supposed ‘dilemmas’ were. Using this magic of hindsight I’ve written responses to my problems, agony aunt style. April 2001 Someone in my university class is very tactless. She mocked packed lunches to my face and said they were ‘disgusting’.… Read Post »

Such a rebel

Melbourne spring rebellion 2019 When I was in Grade 4 my class did a project on the suffragettes. At first, my friends and I were not impressed. ‘What even are the suffragettes?’ we said. Half an hour later we loved the suffragettes! We couldn’t believe women weren’t allowed to vote. We thought the hunger-strikes were… Read Post »

Compliment requests

All social media posts can be viewed as a gambit for attention and validation, but some are more explicit than others. Sometimes, when people are feeling low they ask their social media friends or followers for some kind words to get them through. I think this can be a very nice thing, but I don’t… Read Post »

Jam and outrage in East Melbourne

The National Library of Australia hosts a very popular database of digitised Australian newspapers in Trove. Articles have been transcribed electronically, allowing users to search the text. I’ve spent many hours on Trove researching my house, family and local community. I often start by trying to answer one question, then find something else that interests… Read Post »


A lot of people think they know me. I have more than a hundred Facebook friends, and I suspect at least a handful haven’t muted me. But do YOU really know me? Take this quiz to find out. (The questions are in the third person, which is weird. But I tried it in first person,… Read Post »

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