My day on a plate

Once a year I spend an entire day perched on a dinner plate. This is my report from 2020. 7am Wake up. Go to toilet then get straight on the plate (white china). 8am Eat breakfast (toast with jam). 9am Listen to a podcast and pretend the hosts are my friends. 10am Exercise – arm… Read Post »

Lockdown craft ideas

Are you spending more time than usual at home with your children? Do you have an uncluttered surface? Or a cluttered surface that could stand another layer? I have prepared some craft ideas for you. Playdough/ playsand/ playclouds/ playfilth Playdough can easily be made with flour, water, salt, cream of tartar and oil. It is… Read Post »

Olympic screen time

The Tokyo Olympics would be on now, but they’re not. I’m sad but I also know that during the Olympics I actually just watch television. That is something I can still do. In honour of this non-Olympic fortnight I’ve compiled some ideas for how to make screen time more like Olympics time. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… Read Post »

Put it on the list

A poem inspired by the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book This clock we’re putting on the list. Not that clock because I had that cake before. Yes the moon cake. Maybe the cat cake. Not the gingerbread cake. Yes let’s put Humpty Dumpty on the list. Piggy cake – put that on the list. Maybe… Read Post »


I’m finishing my last assignment for the semester and trying to cut out words. I thought I’d share some of my top tips for getting a document under the word limit. In order to can always be shortened to ‘to’.You can almost always just delete the word ‘just’.Words like ‘very’, ‘completely’ and ‘indubitably’ can very… Read Post »


About ten years ago on Christmas afternoon some some friends of my dad popped in for a visit. They sat at the kitchen table chatting while I made hot drinks. Then one of them opined that ‘all this climate change stuff is crap’. I said it wasn’t and we had a low-quality ‘debate’ about it.… Read Post »

Netball candidates

During the 2016 US election I started listening to American politics podcasts. For some reason, even though these podcasters betrayed me by failing to predict the impending doom of their own nation, I have kept listening to them, hoping they might improve. As a result I am taking an interest in the Democratic primaries. Whoever… Read Post »

Netballstrology 2020

Netballstrology Are you wondering what will happen to you this year? How exciting. Read below to find out through the power of netballstrology. (If you’re not sure what your netball position is, you’re a Wing Defence.) Do you sometimes feel like you work twice as hard as your colleagues for the same share of glory?… Read Post »

Yes! And!

I’ve never been in an impro troupe but apparently one of the first rules is that you never block a suggestion, you say ‘Yes, and.’ This means that you add to ideas rather than tearing them down. Usually, this doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m starting to think it might have useful applications in every… Read Post »

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