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The Outsiders

July 31st, 2011

I’m listening to The Outsiders by SE Hinton, read by Jim Fyfe. I love this story tape and I wanted my partner to hear it, so we’re listening to it before bed each night.

I first listened to The Outsiders when I was in Grade 5. My sister and I lay on our bunk beds and listened to the whole thing in an afternoon, absolutely mesmerised. We then made all our friends listen to it and played “The Outsiders” at recess, which mainly involved pretending to jump people and saying “Need a haircut greaser?”

I’m now listening to the exact same recording, which is lucky because I couldn’t stand hearing another narrator read it. For me, Jim Fyfe’s voice is integral to the book. I once read The Outsiders and it was impossible to stop hearing his voice.

Listening to the audio book after all this time, I really want to join in on phrases like “Paul Newman and a ride home” in a terrible American accent. But I don’t, because I’m sure would be very annoying.

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