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Middle Readers

June 1st, 2014

I’ve read quite a few Middle Reader books lately. And I’m loving them. It is taking me back to the fun of reading when I was in primary school. I loved reading and so did all my friends. When one of us ┬ádiscovered a book that we loved, we would make everyone else in the group read it.

Starting to read Middle Fiction again as an adult I was initially surprised by the intensity and darkness of the themes. Recently, I read The Big Dry by Tony Davis and I was honestly scared by the idea of a post climate change world where kids can no longer rely on water coming out of the tap, or their parents coming home at the end of the day. At first, the book seemed too scary for kids. Then I remembered that when I was in primary school my friends and I loved books about wars, and death, and nuclear holocausts. In fact, I used to claim that any book where nobody died was rubbish.

Middle Fiction actually feels more familiar to me than Young Adult fiction because by the time I was a teenager, I’d decided that I was ready for adult books, and refused to read books written for my age group, dismissing them as trash. This was a mistake, and I only realised when I was in my 20s that YA books are good too.

The books I read in primary school have stayed as favourites, whatever I’ve gone on to read. The Green Wind by Thurley Fowler would still be in my top 10 books. No-one dies in that book, but I liked it anyway. That is a sign of real quality.

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  1. A penny Tangey fan called Chille'

    I prefer middle school books rather than books for my age they are allot more interesting and detailed.
    What sort of books do you like?

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