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Sporting Glory and Rabbit Proof Fence

Sunday January 23rd, 2011 in Audio books, Memoir, Sport, Travel | No Comments »

We headed to Inverloch this weekend for some sport. I participated in a very windy ten kilometre beach run and my partner did an ocean swim. We are a sports mad fitness couple like Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry ex Curry-Kenny nee Curry, except not divorced yet.

(In case you’re wondering just how glorious our sporting achievements were, let’s just say that we both saw a bit of the podium. From the crowd during the presentations. Not to worry. We are friends with the girl who came third – reflected glory!)

Needing a cassette based story tape for the car (one that wouldn’t shit my partner to tears) I borrowed Rabbit Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington and Nugi Garimara, read by Rachael Maza.

This was top story tape selection. Not only is the story itself gripping but I felt like I was learning something. And something important too. Listening to the tape I realised that I haven’t engaged with many stories about the stolen generations in Australia, and I should.


Friday December 17th, 2010 in Audio books, Libraries, Memoir, Travel | No Comments »

We are driving to Adelaide from Melbourne for Christmas. Obviously having a story tape to listen to is vital. Our car doesn’t have a CD player, but there’s NO NEED TO PANIC – the Richmond Library still has cassettes. Tomorrow I will be heading there to consider the options. I could be gone some time.

My partner makes things tricky as he sometimes acts like story tapes are annoying. He will have to suck it up though, because there’s no way I’m driving for eight hours with no narrative.

In order to be sensitive to his feelings I will try to avoid anything with:
a) A narrator with an American accent (despite having lived in America he acts like he’s being stabbed in the ear).
b) Stories about plucky young women making the best of being thrust into unfamiliar surroundings – most commonly a palace, cattle station or bonnet making factory.
c) Stories about English village life.

My partner’s pickiness along with the fact that I have to get cassettes not CDs severely limits my options, but no-one said listening to story tapes would be easy. These are the challenges that make it great.

In other news, I’m still listening to¬†Cleaving. Julie is now travelling the world, visiting random places to sample their meat while she fantasises about being reunited with her skanky lover who has completely lost interest in her. Her husband is waiting for her at home, which is yet another burden for Julie, why is her life so hard?