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Making and mending and being twee

Sunday January 9th, 2011 in Audio books, Cooking, Craft | No Comments »

I’ve just started listening to Things to Make and Mend by Ruth Thomas read by Finty Williams.

It’s a story about craft and friendship so I’m concerned that it might be twee. I have a highly developed (and perhaps somewhat arbitrary) twee-dar.

I first started dismissing people/films/art movements with this word after interviewing a potential housemate for a sharehouse. I had a vague sense of dislike for the girl, which became a pounding hatred when she said that she enjoyed riding her bike through a local park while drinking a coffee.

Riding a bike while drinking a coffee. Seemingly a lovely activity? NO. It is not lovely. Drinking a cup of coffee can be lovely. Riding your bike through a park can be lovely. Doing both of those activities at the same time is NOT LOVELY. Your lips would be burned while going over bumps trying to take a sip. You would spill coffee on your clothes. You may not be able to brake in time to avoid small children, Frisbees or dogs. It is a dangerous, silly activity.*

So either this girl was a liar or, my preferred theory, she did ride through the park drinking a coffee simply for effect.

So I vetoed this girl after the interview. Other housemates said, fine, but you need a reason. I said she was twee, they all agreed and we found somebody else.

Since then, I have always been on the lookout for people who do “lovely” things just to seem like someone who does lovely things. This is my personal definition of twee. Although, to be honest, I actually use the word twee to slag off anything nice that I don’t like.

Anyway, due to the title, Things to Make and Mend, I briefly toyed with the idea of making some muffins while listening to the story tape. But that would definitely be twee.

* Slightly worried that I might be wrong. Have not actually tried to drink coffee while riding a bike. If it is, in fact, a lovely activity, I am very sorry to potential housemate. I hope you found somewhere nice to live with a window box and gingham curtains.

To Melbourne!

Wednesday December 29th, 2010 in Audio books, Craft | No Comments »

I’m back in Melbourne unpacking the Christmas loot.

I didn’t receive a single audio book and that’s okay. Story tapes are expensive (unless you get them from a library chuck-out sale) and I usually only listen to them once.

I was EXTREMELY HAPPY to get these hand-crafted presents from my puff-paint whizz sister. She would start a market stall but is reluctant to invest in a tarpaulin.

Bra and Briefs update

Monday December 20th, 2010 in Craft | 1 Comment »

The bra and brief set decoration has been completed and sent to my sister in the UK. Her birthday is just before Christmas so we were keen for this gift to be special. And I think you’ll agree that it is.

Following my work with sequins and fabrics my sister in Sydney has added blue puff paint detailing.

What’s harder to see in this photo, is the utility pouch in the briefs. This is discrete but still large enough to hold handy items such as keys, lip gloss, or in this case, a condom.

Happy Birthday/Christmas indeed.

Please note that orders received now will not be delivered before 25 December.

Story tapes

Sunday December 5th, 2010 in Audio books, Craft | No Comments »

I have listened to audio books since I was in Grade Four. In these olden days we called them story tapes, and sometimes I still do.

Story tapes aren’t a replacement for reading, I listen to them when I’m doing other things. Like cooking, or folding the washing. Mary Poppins was on the money: in every job there is to be done there is an element of fun, and for me that fun is often story tapes. Nothing fires me up for a domestic task like knowing I have an entertaining tape to listen to while I work.

At the moment I am listening to Alexander McCall Smith’s Love over Scotland read by Hilary Neville. It’s the third book in the 44 Scotland Street series. First published as a serial in the Scotsman, the books are episodic by nature and therefore designed to be dipped in and out of, which I think makes them ideal audio book material.

Yesterday I dipped in for a substantially longer period than usual while I worked on a craft project. I am not craftily talented but I enjoy the odd dabble. My sister and I are making a Christmas present for our other sister who is overseas.

As you can see I have done fabrics, nipple adornments and a snazzle crotch. I will now post this to my sister in Sydney who will complete the puff paint work.

I probably spent two hours on this yesterday. I would have been very bored were it not for Love over Scotland, which kept me glued to my craft-gluing seat with its delightful stories of everyday dramatic tensions and thoughtful ruminations on human behaviour and psychology. I also think the Edinburgh setting may have pushed me towards a tartan theme.