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July 4th, 2016

I’ve just remembered the 1+1 game.

I invented this game in high school. It involved pressing ‘1+1’ on a graphing calculator (mine was a TI83) for 60 seconds and then pressing equals to get the score at the end. Any mistakes (for example entering ++ or 11) were fixed after the time elapsed and 10 points deducted.

I played this game a lot and convinced other people to play as well.

I was in Year 12 and so 18 years old when this brilliant idea came to me.

Then, in celebration of 9 September 1999 I held the 9+9 challenge where I convinced more than a dozen of my classmates to press 9+9 on their calculators for 60 seconds (should have made it 99 but hindsight is 20/20).

There’s something very special about being that bored.

The picture below shows the scorecard, which I have kept through nostalgia and the desire to have as much paper as possible in my cupboards.

9 Challenge

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